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discovering food by trial and error [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
discovering food by trial and error

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latte intero non omogeneizzato [Sep. 6th, 2005|11:41 am]
discovering food by trial and error


this evening i went to out to buy groceries but ended randomly riding my bike around instead, looking for a herbalist shop where to buy sprouters, a larger one for myself and a mini like the one i got already for my friend g.
i was redirected to an organic minimarket but they only had small sprouters. instead, they had a number of interesting other things, like fresh milk in glass bottles. i bought one of whole milk and when i got home and opened it i found a nice surprise: a scoop of yummy cream in the bottle neck! yes, the milk is not homogenized. quite a rarity around here.
pouring it in a glass i can see small pieces of cream, that become less evident when i let the milk get to room temperature. the taste is really nice and rich. next time i'm buying a partially skimmed bottle to better compare it to the one i usually drink. what a nice find :)
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crema all'inglese [Sep. 1st, 2005|03:32 am]
discovering food by trial and error

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n3ko cremai am watching ana voog's cam and seeing her preparing a cake made me want to bake some too.
i tried starting up my man's laptop with wireless connection so i could bring it in the kitchen with me, but apparently my account on his system doesn't exist anymore, or i just forgot the password.
so i had to come up with something i could prepare quickly enough not to miss her show - i usually never see any because i'm asleep when she's awake!

i went to the kitchen and prepared some custard. i decided to go with the liquid, easy, quick (english style?) version and put 130 ml of milk on the fire. in the meantime i broke two eggs and separated the yolks, beating them with 50 gr of sugar with a whisk in a small pot. then i poured the hot milk slowly, beating the eggs with the other hand. i put the pot on low fire with breakflame (?) mesh and mixed it with a wooden spoon until cooked (slightly less transparent and thicker).
the end result was a bit too sweet.

it's really late and ana's show hasn't begun yet. i would go beat the egg whites into a meringue, but i'm starting to feel very sleepy. guess i will miss ana's show again :/

cooking measurements conversion
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frutta fresca dolce con prosciutto crudo salato e pecorino medio stagionato [Aug. 27th, 2005|06:13 am]
discovering food by trial and error

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n3ko frutta, prosciutto e pecorinotoday i prepared just a cold plate of three sweet fruits (melon, figs and a prickly pear) in pieces to be eaten with some rather salty raw ham and medium aged sheep cheese.
the melon wasn't as tasty as the rest, but it was a nice lunch, and we had some red wine with it. the figs were especially good with the cheese, while the prickly pear was best alone between other sweet/salty morsels
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tags and categorizations [Aug. 20th, 2005|02:29 am]
discovering food by trial and error

yesterday i spent some time 'tiding up' my cooking log.

to make searching and browsing easier, i had previously tried categorizing my entries using memories and then manually adding a link. when i started i wasn't following a particular logic plan, and the whole mess was getting more confusing than helpful. reorganizing it was going to be a pain, so i procrastinated. but then tags were implemented into lj, and i thought 'let's give 'em a try'.

tags are automatically displayed with the entry and are less clumsy to manage than memories. listing features are less evolute, in fact they just form a continuous list, but i tried easing the problem adding 'banner words'.
so i deleted all previous, chaotic memories and added tags instead, listing for each entry the relevant ingredient(s), recipe, preparation method and so on. i switched to a s2 theme for proper tag display and spent a few minutes adding a silly background as a bonus :)

if you are using a s1 theme and you can't see tags on your friends page, please notice that the single entry page has got them instead. most of my entries use lj-cut, so going there while reading an entry is very likely. a fair compromise, isn't it? :)
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