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discovering food by trial and error

a cooking log

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hello, i am n3koch4n and this is my cooking journal.
i am an italian girl with a love for food and cooking. i am not an expert and i have a lot to learn and discover.
i feel the need to keep track of my cooking experiences and trial and error experiments in order to better understand and have fun with my food. i decided to make it a public journal instead of keeping it for myself because, who knows? someone could find my notes helpful. i surely find a lot of info on the internet

i use to tag each entry according to main ingredient(s), recipe, method of preparation or other relevant subject. a look at the tag page should provide a decent overview of what i have been writing about, as well as making any search hopefully easier

please note that this is not a community! i am the only member. you can't join the community but you can add it to your friends' list .
i chose to create a community type account so i don't have to log out when i want to write my entries in here. additional reasons are that in the future i may want to exploit its features and have people collaborate with me or even make it open membership without losing the previous entries