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discovering food by trial and error

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carciofi ripieni, spaghetti in tema [Mar. 29th, 2006|01:27 pm]
discovering food by trial and error


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it's that time of the year again. fresh, tender, beard free.. artichokes! ;)
this is a small variation of what, according to my sources, is a traditional recipe from abruzzo, middle/south of italy, adriatico shore.

for two people i used:
. artichokes, four
. tuna in olive oil, approx 200gr
. capers in salt, a handful
. anchovy fillets in olive oil, six or seven
. garlic cloves, a couple
. breadcrumbs

. first of all i put the capers in water to wash away the salt
. then i cleaned up the artichokes; i already posted here about how to do it. this time i also cut the stem close to the base, because these artichokes will be cooked upright, and finally i delicately opened up the 'flower' at the center, careful not to break it, making space for the filling (note: if your artichokes are not very young they will have a beard at the center: scoop it all out with a spoon). and in the water with lemon they go
. then i prepared the filling: i rinsed the capers and squeezed out the water, peeled the garlic cloves, drained excess of oil from tuna and anchovies, then chopped everything and mixed up together with some breadcrumb.
. then i drained the artichokes, shaking them to get rid of most of the water, and rubbed the interior with some coarse salt.
. then i poured abundant extra virgin olive oil in a small pot, put a handful of filling well pressed into each artichokes and arranged them in the pot so they stood upright and filled the gaps with the peeled stems.
. i cooked with the lid on, at first on vivacious fire, shaking the pot now and then, then lowering to a simmer and cooked always covered until the stems and the bases were tender. a little water can be sprinkled if needed
. this is nice served hot as well as cold

i had some filling left so while the artichokes were cooking i arranged a first course with it

. i brought a large pot of water to boil, cooked two portions of spaghetti and drained al dente, leaving a little cooking water in the pot
. back on fire i added what remained of the artichokes filling to the pasta, mixing and allowing the bradcrumbs to get creamy with the left cooking water.
. served hot with chili pepper oil

very simple, very yummy :)

(also posted in cucina_italiana)

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